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The Current State of Selling Me Stuff and The Ineternets

This is the best big brother advice ever…

Give me a place… I’ll spend money… I promise

As a man, we’ve all been there. The retail store is our enemy, unless it’s an Apple store or a place that has something for us to play with. We’ve all gone shopping with people and we’ve all been bored out of our minds. Even for some women, they don’t want to go to our stores. Continue reading “Give me a place… I’ll spend money… I promise”

Drank dat Haterade

So I’m sure by now all of us have heard about the A/C going out at the AT&T center during last nights basketball game. It was HOT! No pun with the Heat playing, but you get it… It was too hot for the ‘King’ to play and he had to be called out of school because of cramps… Continue reading “Drank dat Haterade”

Make sure you believe EVERYTHING you hear, see and read in an advertisement!

Is that you? Are you one of those people? Do you get offended easily? Last but not least, are you a dancer? Ok, if you answered yes to any of these questions, feel free to keep reading. or don’t either way, what is about to be said may piss you off. Continue reading “Make sure you believe EVERYTHING you hear, see and read in an advertisement!”

Crumbs everywhere? There’s a Dragonball for that…

What do you get when you have a brand that randomly get’s flooded with images of their product and Anime? You get NatureValley’s amazing organic social community.  Continue reading “Crumbs everywhere? There’s a Dragonball for that…”

#TBT – The Panda… Never say no

So It’s Thursday and I figured we should do a little throwback, or #TBT as the kids are liking to call it now a days. Here’s a great set of international commercials from a company that is all about Cheese, on the surface. They’re so much more than that though. They are amazing. The brand strikes fear and joy at the same time. I love it and I hope you do too. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading “#TBT – The Panda… Never say no”

Twix Update

They’re on to me… I think they made this commercial is for me and people like me… I still hold strong to my beliefs about their campaign, but they’ve spent too much money now to go any other way…. It’s too bad, really. Check it out. Continue reading “Twix Update”

You get my hopes up… Just to make me sad.

I’m looking at you FunnyOrDie. What you did in March was a load of crap and it’s perpetuating a bad trend in the way marketers are trying to promote things and make them go “viral”. Stop, just stop please because at the end of the day I’m just….

Continue reading “You get my hopes up… Just to make me sad.”

Bring on the Dicks… Amazon on FIRE

I’m going to first start off and say that I get everything through Amazon. What I say everything, I really mean everything. I get my face-wash and body-wash delivered. I get my Movies delivered. I get my kitchen utensils delivered. I get my bed sheets delivered. my books, my furniture… You get it. I love Amazon prime and their customer service is top notch. But there’s one thing they excel at, PR….And don’t tell my girlfriend, but Amy, you are so scrumptious… Continue reading “Bring on the Dicks… Amazon on FIRE”

Oh Charmin, you really know how to soften my mood

The tweet has since been deleted, but the internet is forever, so you can’t just wipe it clean. Hopefully they wont flush out these good ideas before they post them. And I hope they don’t get clogged with all those other good ideas… Ok I’ll stop Continue reading “Oh Charmin, you really know how to soften my mood”

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