Oh Charmin, you really know how to soften my mood

The tweet has since been deleted, but the internet is forever, so you can’t just wipe it clean. Hopefully they wont flush out these good ideas before they post them. And I hope they don’t get clogged with all those other good ideas… Ok I’ll stop

This is just one tweet in a long line of Charmin Awesomeness that has been coming out of that flush.  I really enjoy my ‘stinker tinker’ time in the mornings and being able to see fun tweet like this while I’m about to use one of their products.

Just Lovely

So much Winning

We’ve always been an #Asgardian#Thor #SeeWhatWeDidThere pic.twitter.com/xmK2qOCReY

— Charmin (@Charmin) November 8, 2013


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