You get my hopes up… Just to make me sad.

I’m looking at you FunnyOrDie. What you did in March was a load of crap and it’s perpetuating a bad trend in the way marketers are trying to promote things and make them go “viral”. Stop, just stop please because at the end of the day I’m just….


If you haven’t seen the video yet and you want to re-live some sort of childhood wish of Back To The Future, check it out here:

So, let’s discuss our feelings watching this thing.

Oh My GOD!!!!

no no no this can’t be….



TONY HAWK?!?! This is totally awesome!

Wait, WTF?! Moby? Go away! Get back to Tony.

….. are those wires and a harness? no no no this HAS to be real.

Let me google it…

Then we get to go to a really slick website that looks totally legit and seems like this thing is about to happen but then… WTF? We have to Wait??? But… but… I saw the prototype. It works! OK cool. Let me just wait a day or so and after  countless shares on Social Media let me just keep my hopes up. and then this comes out:

And just like that it would have seemed like you just told me there was no Santa, or the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real and my parents were just creeps in my room slipping me that 5’er or the loose change if times were tough.

This is a big problem with a lot of marketers right now. I would expect this from some brands, but FOD? C’mon, REALLY?!

It wasn’t funny, it felt like a KickStarter campaign I was actually getting my credit card out to donate real dollars to.

The biggest problem I have with it was not the fact that it was fake. It wasn’t even the fact that you had some bad actors ‘acting’ in it. It wasn’t the fact that it wasn’t real, yeah I know I already said it, but I’m still letting that fester inside for other reasons.

It was the fact that it didn’t promote anything. Like it was a shitty test to see if you guys could get a bunch of shit tweens and people wanting to re-live the childhoods to make this thing popular. Let me give you a hint of your viral test. Put Tony Hawk in ANYTHING that has to do with skateboards or any type of board and it WILL go viral. The dude skateboards with his 5 year old and the world is up in arms. I fall on the street walking sometimes, I’m pretty sure his pre-k kid can skate better than me.

But really FOD, you weren’t promoting anything, you had no push behind it. There was a cool ‘start-up’ looking website that was accompanying the video, but that was it. Give me more, Show me specs! Give “golden almanacs” to ‘Fans’ to come and see the board or win a non-functional signed board. Do something besides just put out a fake video with no meat.

You let me walk by the restaurant and look at the menu, but you didn’t let me taste anything, I didn’t even get a whiff.

Now if the video had a purpose besides just being a flashy way to gain followers on Social Channels and shares, then it fell by the wayside. You could have used that type of video to be so much more than it was. It could’ve promoted safe Skateboarding like Rob Dyrdek does with his ‘Safe Spot Skate Spots’ or Promoted Michelle Obamas go out and play campaign. But no, you selfishly hoarded shares and likes.

This is my issue. I don’t mind if you’re trying to sell me something. Hell that’s what this blog is all about, but I need you to pick a side. the Video wasn’t funny. It was like my Prom date taking off her prom dress, only to reveal another prom dress underneath. It got me initially excited then I was confused, distraught, mouth was still watering but now I was sexually frustrated. God damn if that Huvr board was real I would hump it.


Just remember, don’t be a bozo. Hover Boards don’t work on water… Unless you’ve got…


Like, Subscribe, Comment… How did this make YOU feel?



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