Give me a place… I’ll spend money… I promise

As a man, we’ve all been there. The retail store is our enemy, unless it’s an Apple store or a place that has something for us to play with. We’ve all gone shopping with people and we’ve all been bored out of our minds. Even for some women, they don’t want to go to our stores.

“Hey babe, can you hold this? I just want to check this thing out real quick.”


*hands bags to man, leaves*

*Promptly finds wall to lean on and takes out phone*

Has this ever been you? It’s been me before. Many times actually and I’m tired of it. It’s not the fact that I hate shopping or making my S/O happy. It’s the endless grueling task of being bored in some women only stores. I shop for my clothes online or when I go to a store I know what I need and get in and get out. Women shopping is a whole separate psychology. They like to browse, try, oogle, and convince their S/O that they need whatever it is they’re buying. There’s a saying: “A Man will spend $2 on a $1 item he needs. A Woman will spend $1 on a $2 item that’s on sale that she doesn’t need”.

This post isn’t about the buying habits of couples, or the shopping habit. It’s not about the psychology of shopping, because, no matter what, people will shop. This is a campaign that companies need to do. It’s THE idea that will change the way we forever walk in to a store. It’s will change how I go in to a Sephora or a Forever21 or any other store that’s female-centric.

The Lounge is the idea that you all need to look at.

Real Life Example ahead: I was at Sephora, not by choice, but rather because my girlfriend wanted to go. As a female shopper in that store it’s like going in to a little slice of heaven. As a male in that store, it’s like going in to a bank to make a deposit, but in to someone elses account. As we toured the aisles looking at eye shadows and lip liners and all of the make-up that I have no idea what it’s for, I thought, man I would love to just sit down while she handled her business. I looked around, there’s chairs where they do customer make-up and stools for store reps to show products, but theres no where for me to rest my feet for a little bit while we shop. I would imagine that the average shopper will be in that store for around 20-30 minutes. That’s like a whole episode of Real Housewives, or Keeping Up with the ‘WhatsTheirNames’.

No couch? Sit on the kid.

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I looked in one corner of the store. It was by the register, I could see the check-out line. I could see the finish line. I could see my escape. This corner had product that NO-ONE was looking at. It was just a barren corner with purses and things that the patrons really had no interest in buying. I thought, “Why not put a few couches here?”

It was genius, and I was sure I couldn’tve been the only person with this thought. Let’s take it one step further. They sell some ‘Men’s” products there. Why not sponsor this lounge corner with a product. Why not give me a discount for checking in with a certain hashtag? Why not give me a small discount on my girlfriends order for sharing something on Social. Why not let me SIT?!?!?!

It was the perfect place for a few couches, some magazines, some product testers. I can see when she’s close to the register so I can get up and meet her.

There are so many options and possible ways to make this work, but you need to cram as much crap in to your stores to turn your profit. I promise on everything holy, I would have bought something if you let me check-in and get a discount. I promise that if you had testers and samplers in this lounge, I would have bought one. I promise that I would be more likely to come in to your store than try and tell my girlfriend she should just go quickly on her lunch break. I promise you WILL get more business.

Until you try something like this, your pillars and walls in your store are going to just be crowded with people, on their phones, waiting for the quick exit. Waiting for this to be over. Waiting to go over to the Apple Store. Checking the time to make sure their parking validation doesn’t expire. Doing Everything else except buying things in your store. Why get one sale, when you can get two?


It just makes sense. Until then, can you at least put some pads down on your manequin displays?

Miserable in the Philippines

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