What The Sell is a Blog about all things related to the practice selling.

From Marketing Campaigns to a brands full creative strategy; What The Sell will praise,  pick apart and generally rant about everything that people are doing to sell you things.

Who are we you ask? We are young, we have disposable income, we live in urban populated areas, we fit your demographic to the “T”. But, somehow some people just can’t get this whole “selling” thing right. While others do it AMAZINGLY! We love marketing! We were BOMB at selling out our lemonade stands when we were young! We went to college for this shit! We love watching TV for the commercials! We follow you all on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We buy your products and we also choose to not buy them. We are the consumers, the producers, the commodity loving individuals who control state of your product.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not evil or mean, but sometimes we just don’t get what you’re trying to do. I mean the ultimate goal is for us to buy your stuff or go see your movie, or use your product over the other guys’ and we want to do that!  But some of you just make it so hard. Others make it SO easy!

We’re here to help you make your lives easier and our wallets thinner.

Welcome to What The Sell


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